China Civil General Aviation Consulting Service & Pilot Train Schedule

Worldwide aviation cooperation with in China pilots training center school flying club and flight for sightseeing and holidays space travel aerobatic riding fighter aircombat company
Study Tour to China for Civil Aviation Authority Agency Senior Staff Executives by LDP Internships Training Workshop Seminar
Flight for Bussiness & Urgent by chartering plane Flying & Flight for Entertainment
Service & consulting to charter plane (flight) for your business and urgent usage such as travel & tour; private flight, wedding flight, medical urgent flight, advertisement flight, air flying performance and acrobatic flying (aerobatics), air guarding flight, agriculture and forests flight, film & photograph flight, fire flight, entertainment, client service flight, plant supervision flight in mainland China.  Service & consulting to flying for entertainment  such as aerobatics, airshows, ballooning, hang gliding, mountain flying, ultraflights, powered parachutes etc in mainland China. Just mail us for detailed information if you interesting any service above.
Cost, location list to charter aircraft for reference  Aircraft rental for pilot flight in China
Coordination service Charter aircraft for entertainment

Marketing & Consulting Services 

Market & consult service Sponsor our website Cooperation with us 
Per the outstanding increase in China economy, it needs the general aviation support accordingly to meet the huge market. As a general aviation agency, it is our pleasure to set bridge between the emerging Chinese general aviation market and the Western aviation business community. 

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